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Where’s The Holy Ghost


In 2016 we were in a revival at Gattman First Baptist in Gattman, MS.  On Sunday morning we were presented with a blanket that the church family had prayed over during their Cottage Prayer Meetings in preparation for Revival.  Someone said, “We prayed the Holy Ghost into it.”     Randy told them when he slept under it he would be sleeping under “The Holy Ghost”.  So it has been named “The Holy Ghost Blanket.”  When the nights are a little chilly it has been good to have “The Holy Ghost Blanket” to add a little extra warmth.

We used it all winter and one day in the spring when the bed was changes we didn’t put it back on.  We thought maybe warm weather was here.  Not giving it any more thought we moved ahead.  One night it was a little chilly when we got into bed and out of the blue Randy said, “Where’s the Holy Ghost?”  I responded, “He is suppose to be inside of you!”  A few moments went by and Randy said, “I can’t find the Holy Ghost, where’s the Holy Ghost!?”  He then turned the light on and I realized he was looking for “The Holy Ghost Blanket!”  We had a good laugh and then pulled “The Holy Ghost Blanket” out and spread it over the bed, said our prayers and went to sleep.

Sometime later I thought about Randy’s statement, “I can’t find the Holy Ghost, where’s the Holy Ghost!?”  When we are saved the Holy Ghost (Spirit) takes up residence in our heart.  He is our constant companion.  How awesome to know that God the Holy Ghost is with us every moment of our lives.  He doesn’t take vacation, never gets sick or tired (physically or emotionally).  The Word says in Hebrews 13:5c, “…I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” 

If you are like me you may feel that God must get tired of my actions from time to time.  Sometimes I get tired of circumstances or situations I must face or deal with.  But, PRAISE THE LORD!!! My God never tires of His children’s failures.  He knew from the beginning that we would make mistakes, get frustrated with things, people, circumstances or situations.  And He is always available to us to go to when we need strength, advice or comfort even chastening.  His love will always be available to us if we choose to go to and stay connected with Him.   

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