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As Randy and I were putting our Christmas wreath on the front door I noticed that a bird house sitting on a stand beside one of the rockers had been moved.  Believing some strong wind we had recently may have been responsible I began putting it back in place when I noticed something odd.  Randy said, “That’s a bird nest.”  There was a bird nest under the birdhouse with one remaining egg that had never hatched.


I had been waiting for birds to build in the house, but they never did. This made me wonder why, it is a nice sturdy house with a porch. The birdhouse was a gift from a gentleman at one of the churches where Randy had preached a tent revival. It’s a wonderful house, custom made, but never was it used by a bird family. I was disappointed that the house was not being used. But, how could I tell the birds it was available?  You can’t.  


As I thought about this it reminded me of a song: “In The Shadow of The Steeple”


"In the shadow of the steeple

There are people who've lost their way

And in the neighborhoods surrounding

Hearts are pounding in great pain

Is there anyone to help them

And to tell them there's a way

Is there anyone to love them

And to show them Jesus' face

It's time to be Christ's feet and hands

Move from the sidelines and the stands, no spectating

It's time to roll up all our sleeves

Kneel down and wash some dirty feet

And it might get messy but that's okay 'cause

We will go, we will go"



There are several songs of the same name on the internet, but the message is the same.  Just like the bird that built under the house many people are “In the Shadow of our Churches” and their hope is dying because they feel no one cares.  During the Christmas Season people are generally in more of a giving, loving spirit but shouldn’t we be loving, giving and caring all year long?


The people living in the shadow of the steeple are there every day of the year.  Has Jesus not commanded us in Matthew 25:40 – “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” ?



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